From idea to successful project

A new project usually begins with a meeting with the client and extraction of data such as: the content of the project, the goals, the target audience, requirements, budget and size of the work, schedules, etc.

After I get all the information, I study the field and create an initial outline that includes a  the project content.


After approving the outline, comes the following steps on the way to a successful project:

  • Create Wireframes and Flowcharts
  • Creating the project UX screens
  • Design the screens (including UI, color, typography, icon design, infographics, etc.)
  • Create Style Guide and graphic materials for the develop of the site
  • Building the site (if it’s part of the job)
  • When working with developers, navigate and guide the team
  • After the site publish, continue to maintain the site

A little bit about me

Nice to me, I’m Shmulik, UX Designer and create websites.

I have always had a passion for design, drawing and creation, so I naturally chose to work in a creative field. After the army I worked as a painter – painting on walls for businesses. Later I learned graphic design and worked in this field at marketing agencies for many years. 10 years ago I learned web software and UX/UI design and since then I have been working as a UX designer and website builder.

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